+2 - Fine Arts

Morning and Day Shifts

Art is the objectification of feeling and the subjectification of nature. It is a creation or expression of something beautiful in a visual form and done with beauty and purity in a complete harmony of body, mind and soul, and an Artist expresses very strongly and effectively where words cannot.  Thus, an artist is a Scientist and Philosopher.  Therefore, Art and Soul are inter-related and intertwined.  It makes us humane and helps become a very moral person, too.  It also reflects a strong sense of national identity of any nation.


Established in 2054 B.S. by a team of professionals who have got a long teaching and administrative experience in Nepal and abroad, Universal College has now become one of the favourite learning centres of students from +2 to post-graduate levels.  Our nationally renowned teachers, highly disciplined and inspiring environment, excellent infrastructure, state-of-the-art teaching-learning system supported by different academic and sporting events (regular seminars, presentations, workshops, group-discussions, role-plays, educational tours, debates, poetry, essay writing, quiz, spelling contests, Science exhibitions, food festival and basketball, football, badminton, table-tennis, cricket competitions) will definitely help our students achieve the very best in their fields and develop themselves into individuals who can think act and create and so serve the nation and the world.  The College team is committed to developing analytical mindsets of its students through innovative and creative teaching-learning activities which will eventually help cross the test boundaries.  The teams' continuous drive to action in a student-focused teaching-learning environment based on individual need and interest is our key to success. 


UC has introduced Fine Arts as one of the major subjects at +2 level under Humanities program since 2071 B.S.  Our teaching-learning activities are supported by a team of prominent artists and art lovers of Nepal.  There is no doubt, our aspiring artists, illustrators, designers, and sculptors will be benefitted from this subject.


We, therefore, invite you (SLC graduates) to visit our college for +2 education in Science, Management and Humanities with Fine Arts.

Faculty Members

1.            Mr. Mukunda Poudyal                                 - Arts and Painting

2.            Mr. Bishnu Prasad Shrestha                        - Sculpture

3.            Dr. Yam Prasad Sharma                              - Arts (Visiting Faculty)

4.            Mr. Shyam Sundar Yadav                            - Arts (Mithila)

5.            Mr. Udaya Charan Shrestha                         - Traditional Arts

6.            Mr. Jeevanraj Upadhyaya                             - Fine Arts

7.            Mrs. Bimala Rai                                          - Vocal

8.            Mr. Jaya  Shankar Son Shrestha                  - Applied Arts

9.            Mr. Devendra Thumkeli                                - Fine Arts (Theory)

10.          Mrs. Sushma Rajbhandari                           - Painting (Visiting Faculty)


Eligibility for Admission 

The student who has passed SLC or equivalent examination is qualified for joining Fine Arts in Classes XI under Humanities program, which is affiliated to the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB), Nepal. S/he must pass the Entrance Exam held by the college to be eligible for admission. 


Pedagogy and Activities 

Our main emphasis will be on encouraging the students to learn how to learn.  The college will try its best to give student-centered teaching-learning activities in an inspiring environment and organize seminars, workshops, presentations, group discussions, guest lecturers, exhibitions, educational tours on regular basis in order to enhance their artistic talents and develop confidence in the related field.  Our students are also encouraged to take part in the local, national and international competitions.


The college is committed to giving a very strong foundation in this field so that our +2 graduates will be able to serve the world in the future as visual artists, painters, sculptors, illustrators, graphic designers, printmakers, animators, art-teachers, art-designers, fashion-designers, interior decorators, dance directors, vocalists, composers etc.