+2 Humanities

Morning and Day Shifts

Universal College also offers +2 program in Humanities with Fine Arts, in affiliation with the Higher Secondary Education Board , Nepal. Students who join +2 Humanities program can continue their further education forBA and MA  degrees at UC with special privilege.


The program focuses on teaching essential skills and habits, including reading, writing, critical thinking and effective communication. It also fosters innovation and economic competitiveness, ensures productive global engagement and strengthens civic knowledge and practice that are crucial for ensuring that each individual has the opportunity to learn and become a productive member of society.


English major students, we believe, are regarded as superior thinkers and team players in every field. UC is devoted to producing well rounded students right from +2 level with advanced critical thinking and problemsolving skills. So our students will know, we hope, how to think, to think for themselves and how to analyses a problem, think critically about the obscure and shadowy shapes of truth. There is no doubt; they will also develop great values such as courage, selflessness, truth, honour, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, self-reliance, perseverance etc.