+2 Management

Morning and Day Shifts

Universal College has been running +2 program in Science, Management and Humanities since 2054 BS in affiliation with the Higher Secondary Education Board of Nepal. Since +2 education provides a solid foundation to help students build and promote their careers in their respective disciplines, the college team has tried hard to encourage students to explore and develop their potential by giving emphasis on critical thinking, communicative skills, collaborations, creativity and use of technology. Special focus is given on learning by doing through seminars, workshops, presentations, group discussions, project works, educational tours etc. Every year UC admits a limited number of students in Science, Management and Humanities. Our classes are run in the morning and day shifts. Our teachers not only give home-works to our students, but also give something to think besides home-works. The college has already produced +2 Board toppers and it is our firm conviction that UC will continue to strive for the highest standards in the days to come, too.


+2 Management program is one of the favorite programs of students at UC. After this students can join BBA, BBS, BA, and MA programs under the same umbrella. The college also allocates certain seats at BBA and BBS levels to UC students with special privilege. 

Hotel Management Subject at UC is highly demanded. Our students, after +2 Education, are directly selected for the post of Asst. Cook in any hotel. The combination of in depth theoretical knowledge and basic practical skills mastered at UC is a great asset to them.