3 Years - Morning Shift

UC has also been conducting a 3 year BA program with English, Journalism & Mass Communicaiton, Social Work and Socialogy as major subjects in affilation with TU since 2005.

Universal College is conducting BA (Bachelor of Arts) program since 2062 B.S. with English, Social Work, Journalism and Sociology as major subjects.  It is a 3-year Bachelor program affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu - Nepal. 


Its main objectives are to:

  1. To acquaint the students with knowledge of recent development in different fields of general and technical studies and equip them with necessary skills which are related to their lives.
  2. To make the students able to cope with new situations and function as well-informed educated persons both in Nepal and abroad.
  3. To make the standard of education higher and more qualitative, based on innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and collaboration
  4. To generate knowledge and skills required for the job markets – locally, nationally and internationally.
  5. To develop broad-based background for specialization in different disciplines.


Translating Bachelor of Arts degree into a rewarding, exciting, and well-paying career is not so easy.  Ultimately, a BA degree will certainly lead you to many opportunities to find a meaningful, rewarding and lucrative career.  The curriculum is based on a broad educational vision and can help you, we hope, shape your curious mind which may support to win the hearts of employers.  It also fosters engagement and strengthens civic knowledge and practices that are crucial for ensuring that individual has the opportunity to learn and become a productive member of society.  


As a graduate student of Universal College, you will acquire employable skills such as research, critical thinking, analysis, creativity, effective communication - written/oral, interpersonal skills, etc. that are applicable towards many different jobs.  You are also exposed to a broad range of learning styles from traditional lectures to interactive tutorials and practical workshops, seminars, presentations, guest lectures, and digital media.  The whole UC team which is a galaxy of dedicated teachers, renowned scholars, researchers and entrepreneurs, will remain committed to making your dreams come true by creating an atmosphere of excitement about learning.  Our main thrust is to help students learn how to learn.  We always help you reach a new milestone as the journey continues for your personal and professional growth.   We believe that our product must be a job creator with international perspective for interconnected world.  A student is not a number to us, but a center of all the activities we do.


Beyond Your Degree: 

All the art graduates here will learn skills that prepare them for the workforce.  As a graduate student at UC, you will have a well rounded education in a student-centred, homely and inspiring environment.  You can be the highest achievers in the nation in the days to come, as state premier, writers, journalists, photographers, business and community leaders, renowned administrators, diplomats, educators, planners and may be a Nobel Prize winner.


Course Structure:

The whole course comprises of 14 papers in the 3 - year Bachelor course, each having 100 marks and divided into two major groups as follows:


Compulsory Subjects :   English (Two papers) and Nepali (one paper)
Major Subject – 1  : Five papers
Major Subject – 2  : Five papers
Functional Paper  : One paper


The Course Cycle:



  First Year

Second Year

Third Year

  Compulsory English

  First Paper

Second Papers


  Compulsory Nepali

  Nepali (one paper)



  Major Subject 1

  First Paper

Second and Third papers

Fourth and Fifth papers

  Major Subject 2

  First paper

Second and Third papers

Fourth and Fifth papers




Other Requirements

  1. An academic year will consist of 150 teaching days.
  2. Each paper of 100 marks will have 150 lectures hours of 50 minutes.  In respect to such subjects as offering both the theory and practical courses, the FOHSS on the recommendation of the concerned Subject Committee, shall allocate necessary time.
  3. The minimum number of attendance days required is 90% of the  total teaching days in order to be qualified for appearing at the annual examinations.
  4. The students must secure 35% pass marks in each paper in annual examinations.
  5. 40% shall be the minimum pass marks for practical subject exams.


Eligibility Criteria

Any student willing to pursue higher education can apply for admission in the 3-year Bachelor course.  The applicant who has passed the +2/equivalent examination in any stream shall get admitted if he/she succeeds to pass the Entrance Test and fulfill the other criteria.


Social Work Activities

Social work is one of the most favorite subjects at BA level.  The department arranges following activities throught out the year:

  1. Neighborhood camping
  2. Guest lecture
  3. Presentation
  4. Group discussions
  5. Field work
  6. Individual conference
  7. Group conference
  8. Reporting and preparing files etc.