Marvellous School

Marvellous started Montessori Education System from last year.  The program was inaugurated by the DPM and Home Affairs Minister Mr. Bamdev Gautam in Falgun 2071.  The program, especially targeted to children aged 2–6 year, gives emphasis on learning by playing.

Managed by a highly skillful, well experienced and smart Coordinator, with carefully selected teaching apparatus, plenty of playing materials and space, swimming pool facility, inspiring classrooms, trained teacher shall help our children learn systematically, logically and creatively. 

It emphasizes on independence, freedom within limits, and respects for a child's natural, psychological, physical, and social development.  Everything is designed to enhance each child's natural inquisitiveness and desire to learn.  The curriculum is designed to nurture cognitive, emotional and social skills during their highly impressionable years.  Montessori educational practices help children develop creativity, problem solving and critical thinking skills and prepare them to contribute to the society and to become fulfilled persons right from the beginning.


Why Marvellous ?


A Total Quality Education at a moderate cost.

State-of-the-art infrastructure to facilitate teaching learning activities.

Regular project works, presentations, group discussions etc.

Focus on all-round development of students through student-centered teaching-learning activities with balanced extra-curricular activities.

A right place to cultivate the spirit of competency and confidence to enable pupils to strive for academic excellence.

After SLC, opportunities for further education - +2 in Science, Management and Humanities with Fine Arts, BBA, BBS, BA and MA in English – TU.

Well-experienced, dedicated and inspiring teachers.

Enhancing children's learning through exposure and involvement.

Emphasis on communicative skills through conversations in the classroom.

Use of smart-board in teaching-learning activities.

Emphasis on total quality education through innovative, critical thinking, problem-solving teaching-learning activities.

Educational tour.

Unison of mind, body and soul through different programs.


Facilities at Marvellous

Well-equipped library, Smart Board and Labs- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer (24 hours internet service).

Ample indoor and outdoor sporting and academic activities.

Indoor swimming pool.

Provision of school bus for the needy students.

Separate hostels for boys and girls under parental care.

Morning and evening tuition classes to the boarders, day boarders and day scholars.

Music, Karate, Art and Craft and Dance classes.

Healthy and hygienic food and beverage at reasonable price at school canteen.

Separate block of Montessori, Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary wings.

Participation of students in various events like Beauty Peasant, Talent Hunt, Leadership Training etc.

Arrangement of Seminars, Presentations, Workshops, Anchoring and Event Management.