Message From Principal

Dear Students,

Thank you for choosing Universal College (UC) for BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration – since 2061 B.S.), BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies – since 2054 B.S.),  BA (Bachelor of Arts – since 2062 B.S.) and MA (Master of Arts in English – since 2062 B.S.).  All the programs are affiliated to Tribhuvan


University (TU).  It is my pleasure to welcome you all and inform in brief about our college.  Our top priority is always to the standard of education and the welfare of our students.  The whole team is sincerely devoted to expand our students' intellectual and spiritual horizons.


Established in 2054 B.S. and managed by well-experienced and smart academicians, researchers, planners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and socially reputed personalities, Universal College has continued to strive for the highest standard of education in Nepal.  As a result, it is regarded as the benchmark of quality education - a center of excellence and innovation.  Its achievements are, no doubt, reflected in the results of various ongoing academic programs and extra-curricular activities.  It is a matter of pride and satisfaction that UC has maintained its position as one of the best private colleges in Nepal and also remains committed sincerely to doing much better in the days to come, too. 


As we know, international boundaries are growing smaller, businesses are expanding globally and higher education is becoming essential to adopt to the face of a changing work environment.  In this age of globalization, privatization, liberalization and collaboration, we need smart graduates who are capable of addressing the challenges of the swiftly changing business environment. So Universal College, since its inception, has been focusing on student-centered teaching-learning activities based on researches, seminars, workshops, presentations, group discussions, guest lectures, critical thinking, innovation, exploration, effective communication, personality development, digital technology and collaboration which will help produce smart management graduates, capable of leading the local, national and international business environment successfully.


The standard of the college is substantiated by its results produced every year by our avid students at BBA, BBS, BA and MA (English) levels. The credit goes to its highly smart and inspiring teachers; dedicated administrative staff-members and management team; devoted, disciplined and avid students; and co-operative parents. At UC, students are encouraged to learn how to learnthrough consultation, exploration, discovery and creativity. Our nationally renowned faculty members; highly disciplined college environment; state-of-the-art physical facilities (well-equipped science, hotel management and mass communication labs, well-stocked  library, modern computer lab with 24 hours free internet service, interactive classrooms, scientific teaching with Multimedia Projector, Smart Board, Audio Visual Aid, OHP); smart academic activities (regular seminars, workshops, presentations, group discussions, educational tour, quiz competition, various cultural programs, etc.); and different sporting activities (football, basketball, cricket, table-tennis, badminton) will definitely help our students achieve the very best in these fields and develop themselves into individuals who can think, act, and create, and so serve the nation and the world.  The bond of dedicated and experienced academicians and reputed personalities is a milestone for our success.


We have an incredible set of faculty members and I am fortunate to be working with such fascinating and hard-working professionals.  It is very refreshing and intellectually stimulating; you cannot find a better place than UC to work and study.  How theories and concepts read in the academic books come to practices and how the problems faced while applying them to the real-life situations are effectively addressed here and solved scientifically.  Thus, from different angles we try to relate education to your future life.


As the Founder Principal of the college, my primary concern is about the standard of education and welfare of our students.  There is no doubt, the college has progressed much further in every field nowadays and I assure you that we will leave no stone unturned to make your dreams come true.  I, therefore, invite you to join UC and wish you all the best. Your feedback is the key to our success.



Dr. Shiba Datta Gnawali

Founder Principal