Bachelor of Arts in Social Work

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work is a four-year academic program under Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tribhuvan University. Major aim of this program is to produce generalist social workers to fulfill the need of contemporary Nepal as well as the world. In order to achieve this goal, it offers altogether 8 papers including compulsory field work, research work, academic writing and report writing courses in different semesters.

These courses, apart from core courses of social work, also include various required courses from related disciplines, and some optional courses in the third and fourth year including some specialization courses. In addition, there are few compulsory courses such as Nepali, English, Nepal Studies, and Academic Writing.

First Semester

First Semester    15 Credit Hours   
ENG 201:  Micro Economics 3 Credit Hours
MGT 201:  English – I 3 Credit Hours
ECO 201:  Principles of Management 3 Credit Hours
MTH 201: Business Mathematics – I` 3 Credit Hours
ITC 201: Computer System and IT Applications 3 Credit Hours

Second Semester

Second Semester      15 Credit Hours
ENG 202: English –II 3 Credit Hours
MGT 202: Human Resource Management 3 Credit Hours
ECO 202: Macro Economics 3 Credit Hours
MTH 202: Business Mathematics – II 3 Credit Hours
UC 202: Introductory Database 3 Credit Hours

Third Semester

Third Semester   15 Credit Hours
ENG 203: Business Communications 3 Credit Hours
STT 201: Financial Accounting 3 Credit Hours
ACC 201: Statistics 3 Credit Hours
FIN 201: Business Finance 3 Credit Hours
ITC 203: Management Information System 3 Credit Hours

Fourth Semester

Fourth Semester      15 Credit Hours    
MGT 204: Business Law 3 Credit Hours
PSY 201: Psychology 3 Credit Hours
MTT 201: Fundamentals of Marketing 3 Credit Hours
MGT 206: Business Environment in Nepal 3 Credit Hours
ACC 202: Cost and Management Accounting 3 Credit Hours


Fifth Semester

Fifth Semester 15 Credit Hours
SOC 201: Sociology for Business 3 Credit Hours
FIN 202: Basic Financial Management 3 Credit Hours
ACC 203: Corporate Taxation in Nepal 3 Credit Hours
MGT 205: Operations Management 3 Credit Hours
MGT 207: International Business 3 Credit Hours

Sixth Semester

Sixth Semester      15 Credit Hours
MGT 203: Organizational Behaviour 3 Credit Hours
MGT 210: Entrepreneurship 3 Credit Hours
RCH 201: Business Research Methods 3 Credit Hours
SOC 202: Nepalese Society and Politics 3 Credit Hours
ITC 206: E-Commerce 3 Credit Hours

Seventh Semester

Seventh Semester  15 Credit Hours    
Three Specialization Courses 9 Credit Hours
PRJ 350: Summer Project 3 Credit Hours
MGT 209: Business Ethics and Social Responsibility 3 Credit Hours

Eight Semester

Eighth Semester 15 Credit Hours    
Three Specialization Courses 9 Credit Hours
MGT 208: Business Strategy 3 Credit Hours
 MGT 350: Internship 3 Credit Hours
  • Foreign Study Tour.
  • Experiential Learning: Through on-the-job training and corporate internships, students gain valuable work experience and exposure to real life situations.
  • 360 ° Personality Development: PDP (Personality Development Programs) involves personality-profiling of each student based on which the appropriate skills are :
    • Effective Communication
    • Positive Attitude
    •  Problem Solving
    • Leadership
    • Decision Making
    • Inter-Personal Skill
    • Public Speaking
    • Team Building

Business life is one of the driving forces in contemporary society. It’s also the most important employer on the labor market. Fortunately, UC Business Administration Bachelor’s degree gives you excellent options for a successful career. Here are some of the many places where you might work after studying Business Administration:

  • Multinationals, banks, pension funds and insurance companies (e.g. financial analyst)
  • Companies of all sizes in all industries (e.g. as marketing manager)
  • Government ministries (e.g. as advisor)
  • Academic institutions (e.g. as lecturer)
  • Consultancy firms (e.g. accountant or management consultant)
  • Start-ups (entrepreneur: setting up your own business)