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Maitidevi, Kathmandu

Bachelor in Business Management

The BBM program of Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University is an industry based management course that prepares the students to develop critical and analytical skills with in-depth knowledge about different aspects of business. The 4 years, 8 semester course nurtures skills like entrepreneurship, interpersonal skills, leadership skills that help the graduates in getting better job opportunities and career development. It is, therefore, designed for aspiring business leaders and managers of the future. The BBM graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and self-confidence to assist in effective and successful management, within constantly changing and highly competitive national and global business environment. This course has been designed with the objective of producing middle-level managerial manpower in the sectoral areas.

Features of BBM Program:

A Bachelor of Business Management is an excellent choice for new learners of the facts of business management. 

The BBM Course focuses on additional specific topics that are obliged to produce an ideal all-rounder with a comprehensive understanding of the industry. 

This course is designed to prepare people with degrees to explore a variety of disciplines, including marketing, advertising, finance, and human resources, as well as to obtain concepts and strategies for making business decisions. 

The BBM program covers important subjects such as marketing, business law, finance, accounting, and economics, and it assists in building the skills to cope with employees and customers. 

The eligibility required for a BBM Course is the completion of 10+2 or equivalent. Entrance exams are also a part of the eligibility criteria. In Nepal, Student must complete the CMAT entrance exam to be eligible for the course as per University standard.

Why BBM at Universal College?

Beyond the syllabus, we provide the following additional insights to inspiring students and our future leaders:

1. Career development program interaction and seminar

2. Personality development session along with the job placement opportunities

3. Professional banking and Insurance trainings for aspirants

4. Research based learning environment

5. Regular visiting lecturers from corporates to give practical insights

6. Professional computer based accounting and accounting software trainings

7. Statistical analysis software such as SPSS/Strata/R training

8. Proposal writing and research methodology trainings

9. Training on Stock market analysis

10. Bootcamps and Group discussion session

11. Case studies and regular field visits

12. Business Quiz and Idea Pitching sessions

13. Management fests and events

Semester I
Total Credit: 15
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Microeconomics for Business ECO 203 3
2. English I ENG 201 3
3. Foundation of Business Management MGT 231 3
4. Business Mathematics I MTH 201 3
5. Sociology for Business Management SOC 203 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Financial Accounting ACC 201 3
2. Macroeconomics for Business ECO 204 2
3. Seminar on Contemporary Issues of Macro Economics ECO 205 1
4. English II ENG 202 3
5. Business Mathematics II MTH 202 3
6. Leadership and Organizational Behavior MGT 232 2
7. Seminar on Leadership and Organizational Behavior MGT 233 1
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Cost & Management Accounting ACC 202 3
2. Business Communication ENG 203 3
3. Fundamentals of Finance FIN 206 3
4. Nepalese History and Politics SOC 204 3
5. Business Statistics STT 204 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Legal Environment for Business in Nepal MGT 234 3
2. Financial Management FIN 207 3
3. Psychology PSY 202 3
4. Taxation and Auditing ACC 204 3
5. Business Research Methods RCH 201 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Fundamentals of Marketing MKT 201 3
2. Operations Management MGT 205 3
3. Financial Markets and Services FIN 208 3
4. IT and Application IT 231 3
5. Focus Area Course I 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Database Management System IT 232 3
2. Business Environment MGT 236 3
3. Entrepreneurship & Business Resource Mapping MGT 237 2
4. Practicum on Business Plan MGT 238 1
5. Focus Area Course II 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Elective Course I 3
2. Focus Area Course III 3
3. Focus Area Course IV 3
4. E-commerce IT 204 3
5. Business Ethics and Corporate Governance MGT 239 3
SN Subject Code Classification Credit
1. Strategic Management MGT 240 3
2. Elective Course II 3
3. Elective Course III 3
4. Focus Area Course IV 3
5. Project Report Writing/ Internship with Report 6