Shantinagar, Tinkune, Kathmandu

Bachelor of Arts Program

Bachelor of Arts (BA) is a 4-year course designed by Tribhuvan University to enhance students’ conceptual and theoretical understanding and methodological skills of respective subjects. On completion of this course, students possess theoretical knowledge and practical skills of recognized standard with which they can pursue their career in multitude of profession such as teaching, journalism, consultancy, social work activism, NGO, INGO and Government Organization services. Moreover, the completion of the course forms the foundation which enables them to pursue Masters’ Degree in any university of the world. Before choosing any career option, students are advised to review their strengths (aptitude) and interests. Choose your potential career options based on your aptitude, interest and personality traits. UNIVERSAL College is conducting this program on the morning shift since 2062.

Scope and Career Prospects

BA is the field that is linked with society and human existence. It is an evergreen field. BA graduates can find jobs in education sector, Research Institutions, Colleges, Universities, Schools etc. They can also find jobs in NGOs/INGOs, Civil Services, Private organizations, Cultural organizations etc. They can choose to work as a Free- lancer, Social Activists, Writers, Editors, Supervisors, Consultants, Directors, Journalist, Administrative Officers etc. Not only the political leaders, social leaders, religious leaders etc are mainly the product of Humanities and Social Sciences, they can also have good opportunities to pursue their further career in the developed countries too.

BA Course

TU has reviewed this program and made it 4-year course from this year with Nepal Studies as a Compulsory Subject in the 4th year. The 4-year course will be of 2000 marks, 500 marks in each year. Two major subjects of 700 marks can be chosen as major subjects and of 100 marks each as Elective Subjects. There will be 3 compulsory subjects - English, Nepali and Nepal Studies.

Evaluation System

TU BA Final Board Exam will carry 70% marks and the college will give 30% marks, based on Internal Exams, Project Works, Presentations, Group Discussions, Team Works etc.