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Maitidevi, Kathmandu

Business Writing Clinic

We are pleased to announce that Universal College is organizing a "Business Writing Clinic" for the BBA 2nd and 3rd semester students. As part of the training series, this is the fourth program to be offered. It will last for five days, starting on July 14th 2023 and ending on August 11th 2023, Friday mornings from 7AM to 8AM. Mr Kshitiz Jung Thapa is the resource person for the training that will be conducted. The sessions will be categorized in the following ways: SESSION 1: INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS WRITING (2 HOURS) SESSION 2: EMAILS AND CORRESPONDENCE (2 HOURS) SESSION 3: BUSINESS REPORTS AND PROPOSALS (2 HOURS). SESSION 4: PRESENTATION SKILLS (2 HOURS) SESSION 5: CONCLUSION/ CERTIFICATES DISTRIBUTION #UniversalCollege #BBANepal #Training


What our Students say

At UNIVERSAL College, we are committed to the pursuit of excellence and the provision of an educational service that is progressive and future-focused but importantly Christ-centred, values-based and aligned with our students’ needs. As the Principal, my primary concern will be about th standard of the colleges and welfae of the students. We always operate from the pradigm that there is greatnes in every home.